You must book a trip to Turkey this summer

BRITS looking to book their next holiday abroad should take a closer look at Turkey if they want to get the most bang for their buck.

A recent study found that Britons would get hundreds of dollars more if they traveled to the country due to the strong British pound against the Turkish lira.


Holidays to Turkey are the biggest deal for Brits right nowCredit: Alamy

Travel fund provider FairFX found that the pound is up 146% against the Turkish lira since January 2020, meaning you’ll get more for your money when you go there on vacation.

Not only that, but Britons buying Turkish Lira ahead of their holiday doubled between January and February, meaning Turkey is in high demand with Britons traveling there at Easter.

Jack Mitchell, Head of Travel Money, said: “Turkey is the destination offering Britons incredible value for money, as the pound has risen 146% against the Turkish lira since the start of 2020, equivalent at £594 more for every £1,000 traded now than in 2020.”

He advised all families planning an Easter trip to Turkey to buy silver when the pound is strongest so it will go further during the holidays.

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He said: “Locking rates is the best way to get more for your vacation money.

“And if your holiday is postponed due to changing restrictions, illness or, even worse, complete cancellation, having a prepaid currency card means you can keep your holiday money in one place. until you travel again.”

Turkey has long been one of the most affordable holiday destinations for families, with the Post Office’s latest Holiday Money Index also ranking it as the best value for money.

And a study last year named Turkey as the top-selling destination in 2022, according to EasyJet Holidays.

Speaking to TravelWeekly, Brad Bennetts, head of distribution at Easyjet Holidays, said Turkey was the top most booked destination for 2022, with the resort town of Antalya proving particularly popular.

He also reported that all-inclusive four-star hotels and family trips were among the most booked trips.

Due to demand, Turkish Airlines is even launching new direct flights from the UK to popular vacation spots this spring.

The airline announced the new flights from Manchester to Antalya and Dalaman.

We’ve also rounded up the best all-inclusive hotels in Turkey that have their own private water park.

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If you fancy something a little more luxurious, there are beautiful Turkish villas that offer excellent value for money and look like something straight out of Love Island.

Turkey’s current Covid travel rules allow anyone to enter the country, although anyone over the age of 12 will need to have a negative Covid test before arrival if they are not vaccinated.

Antalya and Dalaman are popular with British travelers to Turkey


Antalya and Dalaman are popular with British travelers to TurkeyCredit: Alamy

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