Turkey will witness a weekend of thundering boomers


Turkey entered a new wave of rainfall from June 10, with expectations of rain, showers and thunderstorms in western, central and northern provinces this weekend, the official said. Turkish State Meteorological Service.


“Heavy showers will dominate the Marmara, Aegean, Central Anatolia and Black Sea regions,” the office said in a June 10 statement.

Adana province will be one of the few provinces to face summer rains in the south of the country.

“The wind speed in the Central Anatolia, Aegean and Mediterranean provinces can reach up to 70 kilometers per hour,” he added.

On June 12, mostly cloudy weather will prevail in the 81 provinces.

The west and south of the country could return to sunny weather from June 13, although meteorologists warn people in northern and central provinces to prepare for “summer rains” throughout next week. .

Meanwhile, residents of the central Anatolia province of Konya’s Çumra district were shocked by an unexpected snowfall on a summer day on June 9.

The neighborhood was hit by severe storms and “walnut-sized hailstones” as snow blanketed the streets for a day.


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