Turkey shortage affects North Texas restaurants – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

A record turkey shortage could affect your holiday menu, but even before the holidays, you might see less turkey in North Texas.

This issue is prompting some North Texas restaurants to remove the bird from their menu at this time.

The price of the turkey and the supply are factors that play into this problem.

The United States Department of Agriculture reported that nearly six million turkeys were depopulated due to exposure to highly pathogenic avian influenza, also known as HPAI, from January through July.

It’s a disease known to be deadly to all kinds of birds, and it’s already spread to 39 states, including Texas.

Due to the outbreak, some North Texas restaurants are raising prices or removing turkey from the menu altogether.

Jon Bonnell, the owner of five restaurants in Fort Worth, told NBC 5 News that if you want a whole turkey for Thanksgiving, you should play it safe and get it now.

Hurtado Barbecue in Arlington told its social media followers that the restaurant has taken turkey off the menu due to shortages, but they hope to bring it back in time for Thanksgiving.

Visitors to the State Fair of Texas will still be able to get their hands on a Smokey Joe’s turkey leg this year. The fair blocked these purchases from Turkey in the spring.

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