Turkey ranked 4th on world tourism list in 2021


Turkey has risen to fourth on the world tourism list after welcoming some 29.9 million tourists in 2021, leaving Italy and the United States behind, according to a report by the World Tourism Organization ( UNWTO).


“Some 421 million people traveled the world as tourists in 2019. Nearly 30 million tourists were in Turkey,” said Recep Yavuz, head of the tourism task force of the city council of the southern province of Turkey. Antalya, to the Demirören news agency on March 29. .

According to its assessment of the report, France tops the list with some 40 million tourists.

Mexico is second with 31.9 million tourists, while Spain ranks third with 31.2 million.

With an increase, Turkey left Italy, which received 26.3 million tourists, in fifth place.

Next come the United States with 22.1 million, Greece with 14.7 million and Austria with 12.7 million tourists.

Germany is ninth on the list with 11.7 million tourists, while Croatia ranks bottom of the top 10 with 10.6 million visitors.


“Due to the pandemic, around 1 billion people were unable to travel,” Yavuz said. “Countries in the Far East and Asia have felt the hardest blow of the pandemic.”

China, the center of the pandemic, was the fourth tourist country in 2019, with some 65 million travelers.

“China has been wiped off the tourism map,” Yavuz said.

Thailand was another Asian country witnessing a plunge. The country which welcomed 40 million visitors in 2019 fell to 53rd in the ranking, with only 400,000 tourists in 2021.

Thanks to the normalization process, tourism revived in Europe in 2021 and the Western Mediterranean countries ended the year with a slight loss in tourism income compared to 2019, when the world was unaware of the pandemic. of COVID-19.

According to Yavuz, the biggest winner of 2021 after Turkey was Mexico. “Mexico was seventh in 2019 and third in 2020. The country reached second place in 2021,” he said.

Yavuz pointed out that Mexicans living in the United States and American tourists preferring to visit the neighboring country have increased the number of tourists to Mexico.

Yavuz pointed out that Spain had seen a sharp drop in tourist numbers in 2021, losing some 50 million tourists compared to 2019.

Greece was another losing country as the country, which had targeted 25 million tourists at the start of 2021, could only reach 14.7 million by the end of the year.


“With the latest data from the report, we see that Turkey’s share in the global economy was around 7% in 2021,” the expert pointed out.


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