Turkey and its gangs wreak havoc in occupied Afrin – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

The crimes of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against the citizens of the occupied territories continue, since the first day of its aggression on the regions of Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî/Tal Abyad.

According to the Afrin-Syria Human Rights Organization, the Turkish occupation has accelerated the pace of its crimes against the citizens of northern and eastern Syria, and the areas it occupies, by killing, removing and tightening the screw to displace them from their homes, in addition to destabilizing the security and stability of the region by threatening to launch an aggression on the two cities of Tel Rifaat and Manbij, and by targeting civilians with drones, artillery and rockets.

According to the organization, the number of kidnappings since its completion until the date of July 7, reached 11 citizens, in addition to the murder of an old Kurdish man by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation.

In a statement to the ANHA agency, the spokesman of the human rights organization Afrin-Syria, Ibrahim Sheikho, confirmed that the Turkish occupation does not only occupy the areas of Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Gire Spi, but rather aspired to occupy more Syrian lands and implement his colonial projects in the long-term regions.

Regarding the crimes against the remaining natives in their homes, Sheikho drew attention to the fact that the occupation carries out various types of crimes against them in the areas it occupies, and has accelerated the pace of these crimes in recent times, especially after the conclusion of the NATO summit on 28 June. 11 cases of kidnapping and murder of an elderly man have been documented in mysterious circumstances, in addition to the threat to occupy new areas in Syria.

Sheikho referred to the “safe zone” that Erdogan claims to establish under the pretext of protecting his “national security” with a depth of 30 km inside Syrian territory. Which endangers the lives of people, such as the regions of Al-Bab, Jarabulus, Azaz and Afrin.

Sheikho said: “When it comes to the question of the Kurds and the peoples of the region, the region becomes a threat to the Turkish state, but what the occupied areas testify to the presence of first-class elements and leaders of IS mercenaries and groups on the global ‘terrorist list’ at home, the region becomes safe for Turkish President Erdogan”.

Sheikho explained that all indications point to Turkey being given the green light at the NATO meeting to exterminate the Kurds, noting that “all indications on the ground indicate that it has obtained approval to exterminate the Kurds. peoples of the region”.

The spokesperson for the Afrin-Syria Human Rights Organization, Ibrahim Sheikho, called on international organizations and countries concerned with the Syrian issue “not to allow Turkey to launch an aggression against the north and eastern Syria, under any name, even if it is (humanitarian)”, stressing “that there must be an end to crimes and violations against isolation in the areas occupied by Turkey in Syria “.



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