TNS adds market data services for Borsa Istanbul

Transaction Network Services (TNS) is now connected to Borsa Istanbul (BIST) as a market data provider. Opening access to Turkey’s only stock exchange with order routing and market data connectivity to the BIST matching engine in Istanbul enables TNS clients to capitalize on trading activities in this growing market.

Under the new agreement, TNS can deliver BIST market data to any location in the world via a high-availability backbone with minimal network latency. TNS’ low latency network allows customers to access BIST alongside the full exchange connectivity in Europe, US and Asia-Pacific already provided.

“Our latest exchange connection allows TNS to provide access to approved recipients, including exchange members and market data providers,” said Jeff Mezger, vice president of product management at TNS. for financial markets. “This project includes market data for BIST stocks, as well as futures and options markets, and expands the number of market data feeds we now offer globally to over 330.”

BIST was created by combining the former Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE), which trades stocks and securities of Turkish companies, the Istanbul Gold Exchange, which trades in precious metals, and the Derivatives Exchange of Turkey, which trades stock index futures, currency futures and precious metals. metal futures contracts. The BIST 30 is the main stock market index composed of the 30 largest listed companies. In 2021, the average daily trading volume in the equity market was 30.2 billion Turkish liras, up 15% from 2020.

TNS’ offering offers lower overall costs compared to a do-it-yourself approach, thanks to TNS’ shared exchange connections and its status as a registered data provider with the BIST exchange. This allows commercial companies to focus on their core business instead of diverting attention from internal resources to maintaining an extensive specialized infrastructure.

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