Schiphol, the only airport in the EU where taxi prices have not exploded

The price you spend on a taxi at the airport has skyrocketed in Europe over the past year. According to a study by, travelers pay on average 10% more for a taxi ride to the center of the nearest big city. Schiphol is the exception where taxi fares have not increased. compares taxi fares at the 50 busiest European airports every year. On average, a taxi to the city center costs 45 euros this summer. The price has risen sharply, especially in Munich. Last year, the race there cost 75 euros, this year 95 euros.

In Turkey, taxi fares have even doubled, according to the researchers. But due to the huge depreciation of the Turkish Lira, Dutch travelers are paying less than before.

According to Guus Wantia, owner of, it costs 55 euros to take a taxi from Schiphol to the heart of Amsterdam. He couldn’t say why rates here weren’t keeping up with inflation like elsewhere in Europe. He suspects it’s because Schiphol’s rate rose dramatically a year earlier.

With a fare of 55 euros, Schiphol is just outside the ten most expensive airports in Europe. But central Amsterdam is relatively close and the fare can be higher at peak times, Wantia said.

According to research, you pay the most for a taxi in London Stansted, around 118 euros. But this airport is almost four times farther from the heart of London than Schiphol from downtown Amsterdam.

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