MNR hosts turkey hunting workshop in Cass City

Michigan DNR’s Becoming an Outdoors Woman Program will be hosting a Turkey Hunting Workshop on Friday and Saturday, May 13-14 at the Cass City DNR Field Office.

The workshop will be an introduction to turkey hunting and will include firearms training, target practice, turkey biological education and other useful hunting information such as regular habits turkeys, their breeding season, hunting locations, spring or fall hunting and legal information. terms.

“Basically it’s about setting them up so they can start hunting turkeys independently, if they want to,” said BOW program coordinator Michelle Zellar.

They are expecting 14 people at the workshop in Cass City. Each person will be matched with a mentor, an experienced turkey hunter, who will take them across a field to hunt. They can take home the turkeys they hunt if they wish and they will be taught how to pluck, clean and prepare them.

The workshop is one of many events organized and facilitated by the BOW program. They seek to teach women all kinds of outdoor activities and sports, including hunting, fishing, kayaking, skijoring, backpacking/hiking, outdoor cooking, and general wilderness survival. .

The deadline to register is May 1, 2022. Those wishing to attend must have a basic hunting license and a turkey license.

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