Lockdown Exodus sells rentals in Kuşadası in Turkey, Didim

The increased demand for summer houses in resort towns for the current 17-day foreclosure left the rental house market near empty in Turkey’s Aegean resorts, Kuşadası and Didim ahead of summer, while skyrocket prices.

Osman Coşkun, president of the Didim Real Estate Brokers Association, told Anadolu (AA) agency on Saturday that they were inundated with requests to rent homes, especially from those who live in big cities.

“Due to the intense demand for daily, weekly, monthly and endless rentals, we have almost no rental homes on hand. During this time, people prefer places where they can be more comfortable. Price increases compared to last year also reached 50%, “says Coşkun.

The summer houses are carefully appointed in Aydın province in western Turkey on May 1, 2021. (Photo AA)

He also warned of scams that were also on the rise, advising customers not to make down payments before going to the scene.

Alaattin Durmaz, head of the provincial chamber of entrepreneurs and real estate brokers in western Aydin province, highlighted the effect of a construction slowdown on prices.

It is assumed that millions of Turks left major cities for resort towns, hometowns or rural areas before the strict lockdown which began on Thursday April 29 and lasts until Monday May 17.

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