Land prices in Thrace, Turkey jump after Bill Gates rumors

The opportunists were quick to market rumors that Microsoft founder Bill Gates bought 22,000 acres of farmland in Thrace. Landowners who hope to take advantage of this opportunity are trying to sell their land at exorbitant prices, especially to Turks abroad, with a list of up to 8,000 euros ($ 9,658.32) per plot.

Speculation that Bill Gates, one of the richest people in the world, bought land in Thrace first surfaced on social media and on a few local news sites.

But the land registers of the towns of Edirne, Tekirdağ and Kırklareli in Thrace do not contain land registers registered under the name “Gates” or “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”.

Realtors and experts have warned the public not to join the speculation. City planner Namık Kemal Döleneken said the rumors are used by those who have already invested in the area to increase the value of their land.

“Speculators claim that people will be neighbors of Bill Gates if they buy land in Thrace. There have been many investors in Thrace for many years, this is nothing new. locals and foreigners. But what about Bill Gates? These are just rumors. Those who have already invested here need such rumors to assess their place and raise their prices, I think it is a rumor to reveal it. So here is news to revive the real estate market, which is stagnating in particular because of the pandemic, I think, “he said.

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