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On Sunday, the Jabhet Al-Akrad Force Headquarters released a statement to public opinion, which it posted on the official website of the Manbij Military Council.

During his statement, the leaders spoke of the crimes committed by the Turkish occupation in Syrian cities and regions, while warning of the danger of the continuation of the Turkish occupation and the use of terrorists in Syria. cities occupied as hotbeds of terrorism, which prevents the achievement of a political solution in Syria and aggravates and hinders the crisis.

And called on the international community to do its duty to prevent Turkish crimes and to redo the pumping of water.

The text reads as follows:

All these criminal forms were collected by the Turkish occupation under the labels “The Shield of the Euphrates, the Olive Branch and the National Army”. It was supported by its occupation troops armed with NATO weapons, attacking cities and areas of Syria and destroying them over the heads of their owners and safe people, who sacrificed their lives for acceding their lands and homes, as well as the forced displacement and destruction of civilians. homes, vital facilities and civilian infrastructure in their attacks on all cities and occupied areas; and systematic demography by imposing a policy of Turkification on identity cards. The Turkish language was imposed in schools, with the aim of changing the characteristics of cities, the names of streets and schools to Turkish names, the circulation of Turkish lira and its use for water warfare, which are the dirtiest type of war by cutting off the drinking water from the Aluk station to the people of Hasakah more than 20 times, and reducing the waters of the Euphrates, which are against international and regional laws, treaties and customs . “

The statement continued: “We, in turn, in the Jabhet Al-Akrad Forces, affirm that these crimes are war crimes and crimes against humanity; We warn of the danger of Turkey continuing to treat all occupied Syrian cities and regions as a tool to be used to support Islamist terrorist groups with ties to terrorism.

We, the Forces of Jabhet Al-Akrad, therefore call on the international community, the United Nations body, the Security Council and all human and human rights organizations to fulfill their legal, moral and humanitarian duty. He took his part in the crimes of the Turkish occupier and his mercenaries, in pumping water to the people of Hasakah, allowing the course and passage of our percentage of the Euphrates within the Syrian lands, in accordance with the agreement reached. between Damascus and Ankara in 1987, to end the occupation situation and ensure the safe return of civilians and the return of lands and houses that have been occupied and looted

We promise and assure our people in all cities and occupied areas that we will continue to struggle and sacrifice until all of our occupied territories are liberated.

the Forces of Jabhet Al-Akrad, concluded with the commitment to follow the path of the martyrs and to preserve the principles for which they had been sacrificed. “We urge our martyrs to follow the steps and preserve the principles for which they were sacrificed in order to ensure a state of security and stability, which will help promote the settlement of the conflict in Syria through dialogue, preserving the rights of all components of the Syrian people, without distinction of race, religion, creed or belief, under the aegis of United Nations resolution 2 254, and by building a democratic pluralism and a decentralized Syria. “

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