Global investor appetite continues to decline – but not in Turkey

The deceleration in the global startup ecosystem continued in the second three months of this year following developments that reduced investment appetite.

Venture capital-backed startups raised significantly less money in the second quarter compared to more enthusiastic days late last year and early this year, according to the latest data from CB Insights.

While deal activity worldwide, funding slowed for a second time, three months in a row, it fell 23% quarter over quarter, CB Insights said, in its report “ State of Preview of the Venture Q2’22”. Sales down 1.4% in the first quarter.

Global venture funding saw $108.5 billion raised through 7,651 deals last quarter recording the largest quarterly drop in percentage of deals (and the second-largest drop in funding) in The company said , citing data that a decade for the second quarter through June 23.

So far, total funding and transactions remain above levels I last saw in 2020, he added.

Preferences and stumbles in cryptocurrency markets are believed to be among the reasons for the decline.

On the other hand, the number of investments in Turkey hit its all-time high in the first three months, according to data from Startups Monitor. investment rounds From January to March, it reached $1.3 billion, while the data for Planned for the next three months was announced on July 19.

Less and less checks

Investors are timid in 2022. They are not only writing fewer checks, but also smaller checks.

The total amount of capital flows to startups for the second quarter As of June 23, it was down about 27% from the previous three months, Bloomberg reported, citing data from CB Insights.

The numbers are subject to change given the days remaining, but the drop It seems to be more significant than the 19% predicted by CB Insights about a month ago.

Late-stage companies are particularly affected, as funding for Series D or later fell 43% in the second quarter.

At each stage, the number of initial funding for startups decreases. this decline also reflects issues faced by initiatives in later cycles such as Getir’s fast retail pioneer. It was a huge plus that Getir finished the tour without any problems.

Too long, easy money

Among those companies were venture capital firms such as Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Ventures who warned their portfolio companies last month to prepare for a sharp decline in money flows that had been rising for a decade.

Sequoia investors argued that a long time could be a recession in the future. comments, in generalindicates that bright And sunny days more.

The technology investment environment has changed drastically in recent months. After a brief period of uncertainty at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, startup investment activity has increased, spurred by a new, remote world that must be dialed digitally rather than in person.

this frenzy led to unprecedented levels of cash flow to newly created companies in 2021. At the start of 2022, many companies appeared in the process of valuation of 1 billion dollars or more that is a news The Unicorn Company hit twice a day. but, over the past three months, the number of transactions and total money raised have fallen to their lowest level since the end of 2020.

Swipeline raises $250,000

Swipeline, Turkish Instagram Media Focus A startup has raised $250,000 in a valuation of around $3 million in a bridge financing round.

Founded by Erdem Şentunalı and Umut Yaka, the initiative which started broadcasting with audio rating series about four years ago, created Noun for Itself with Focus on Instagram new 15-second video.

The bridge round is a round of the tidal fundraising company until the next round of larger fundraising.

The tour I was joined With many notable names in the ecosystem, including Yemeksepeti co-founder Nevzat Aydin, iyzico co-founder Barbaros Özbuğutu, Colandi co-founder Bülent Tekmen, co -TikTak founder Ersan Öztürk and Servislet co-founder Gökmen Bolayır, Finberg Ihsan Elgin board member and ICAS founder Mustafa Namoğlu.

Covering many different topics ranging from financial reports to current trends in the tech world with content produced by, Swipeline attracts around 800,000 people per month.

continuing to work with a team of 10 people with Who’s goal is making it a daily habit to consume news content from Instagram.

New generation start-up

Take has made a name for itself through its business ecosystem and technology-driven news. Swipeline has also started broadcasting in English.

“I’ve grown five times in the last year with our news content And Formula’s original content (Podcasts, video series preview and report) was created with The ’15 second’ rule is l ‘place where we get people to inform me in a maximum of 15 seconds,’ Şentunalı and Yaka said.

“Currently, we continue to grow 30% every month. With the global beta we launched on the first of the year, we’re starting to reach 50,000 people a month through English mail and participation in news content only. during this six-month beta period, we have found that we have a 15-second rule that is also universally compatible. we will start a fuller broadcast life globally by bringing original Formula content along with news content. we will step on the gas to increase subscribers and foreign currency revenue generation.”

green shift

Teknopark Istanbul invites students and graduate entrepreneurs to apply for Cube Incubation and participate in environment-focused projects that will provide them with financial support.

Students from relevant departments of all universities and graduates are eligible to apply for the BIGG Cube Incubation Program at Cube Incubator, Technopark Istanbul Incubator.

applicants with the best green transformation, green growth, innovative grant ideas will be submitted up to 450,000 Turkish Liras (US$26,000) from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey for environmental projects

Green Color Growth Program

Cube Incubation has been producing solutions for the needs of the entrepreneurial environment since the day I started operating, said Bilal Topko, General Manager of Teknopark Istanbul.

In the range of infrastructure, it provides business and support. Cubes Nursery, one of the most qualified nursery centers in Turkey, is waiting for business ideas that will contribute to the green transformation of the Turkish economy and industry with the Big Green Growth Program, Topshaw said.

As part of the large green growth program, he indicated that entrepreneurs will benefit from a business setup for free support and individual support in terms of psychological counseling and guidance, free, modern, open and closed, seminar and event spaces, a library, wet / dry laboratories, clean rooms, assembly workshops and servants’ room.

they can also enjoy the support of patents Thanks to the technology transfer office Teknopark Istanbul (connectto), it is added.

sustainable agriculture, transport

Istanbul University of Commerce and Yeditepe University are also included in the project managed through the TÜBITAK 1512 Entrepreneurship Support Program as an application organization.

The project aims to provide support such as routing and leveraging cooperation networks and preparing a business plan. Innovation-driven business ideas that can be transformed into business-proven products and services include those related to climate change, environmental biodiversity, a circular and clean economy, clean, accessible and secure energy supplies , green and sustainable agriculture and sustainable smart transport.

Applications for the program It will be accepted until July 29th.

Jobs converted to NFT

Turkish social media Yaay The platform implemented by AppYap, continues to provide different experiences to its users with new features It is growing.

AppYap app developer is one of the investments made in Türk Telekom Ventures lineup.

Yaay has become the world’s first social media program where users can convert file content into non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The NFT type of digital asset has exploded in popularity over the past year and with illustrations Sell NFT for millions of dollars. The asset existing on Blockchain, a record of transactions is kept on the computers in the network. The blockchain works like a public Ledger file, allows anyone to validate NFT and who owns it.

Therefore, unlike most digital items which can be reproduced endlessly, each NFT has a unique digital signature, i.e. type.

Yaay’s “NFT Studio” feature It allows users to convert their posts to NFT and sell them worldwide. User-created NFTs cannot be deleted and all data will still be visible to people who purchase them. Additionally, NFTs. have been created in Yaay will be able to exist not only as an image, but also as a single digital icon K with all publication information and detailed metadata.

New Revenue Channel

This skill that will catch the attention of social media content producers in particular, it will create a realm of opportunity not available on other platforms.

With Yaay NFT Studio, content producers will be able to generate revenue not only through brand partnerships and advertising revenue, but also through the value that the content they produce will directly create.

Yaay users who combine many variation features under one roof with options like calendar and news tracking access verification information and apply the emblem, and thus turn their content into immutable and salable digital assets.

all content types except those that include links, polls, and quotes can be converted to NFT.

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