Countries with the Best High Net Worth Citizenship Programs

Which countries offer some of the best citizenship programs? This is a multi-layered question. From an analysis of the costs, the benefits provided, the visa approval time and the procedures involved, some countries in the world are known for their citizenship programs.

So, in this blog below, we will unveil the names of those nations which are the best if you want to acquire a second citizenship.

  1. Saint Kitts and Nevis:
    Saint Kitts and Nevis ranks first when it comes to the best citizenship programs. Qualified high net worth individuals have the opportunity to enjoy privileges such as dual nationality and tax-free international income, among many others.
    Moreover, you can easily become a citizen of this nation by acquiring government-approved real estate or donating to the Sustainable Growth Fund. The destination also plans to include dependents such as spouse, children, and parents along with the main applicant.
  2. St. LUCIA:
    The Saint Lucia citizenship program is also among the popular programs today. What differentiates the Saint Lucia passport from others is that it offers visa-free access to 146 destinations, including Europe. Although Saint Lucia residents enjoy relatively low taxes, there are, however, certain tax implications that should be followed. The country also recognizes dual nationality, making it even easier for immigrants.
  3. Dominica:
    Dominica’s citizenship program is one of the highest rated programs in the world. With a minimum investment of $100,000, an immigrant can easily access a Dominican passport through investment. Additionally, since there are no taxes on money, gifts, inheritances, capital gains, and investors can obtain full citizenship for themselves and their families.
  4. Granada:
    Launched in August 2013, Grenada’s citizenship program offers visa-free access to over 153 countries, including China, Russia, Singapore and the UK. Other than that, obtaining a Grenada passport will qualify you for a USA E2 treaty investor visa. With a total investment starting at $150,000 and a processing time of three to four months, this is a citizenship program worth exploring.
  5. Malta:
    Another country that stands out in terms of citizenship regimes is Malta. The English-speaking nation located in southern Europe ticks all the boxes that catapult the attention of investors. Pleasant climate, excellent business prospects and friendly tax environment, there are several reasons why you should invest in the country. Apart from this, the nation also offers complete freedom of movement within the European Union and the Schengen region, which is a major plus.
  6. Portugal: While it is true that Portugal does not operate on the citizenship by investment program, it does have a Golden Visa program which does more or less the same job. It is enough to make a real estate investment of 280,000 euros in low density areas. Portugal also scores points for its affordable and lenient due diligence program as well as dual citizenship benefits, making it a top pick among investors.
  7. Turkey: Turkish citizenship by program allows investors to simultaneously access European and Asian markets. The nation offers a real estate purchase with a minimum fee of $250,000 to investors upfront. Also, Turkey offers huge tax incentives to foreign immigrants. The country does not provide any tax exemptions on money earned outside the country.
  8. UK: The UK Citizenship Program is also known as the Tier 1 Investor Visa. The nation offers a fast-track method of obtaining citizenship through immigration laws for investors around the world. Although the UK Investor Visa does not lead directly to citizenship, naturalization can take place after 5-6 years. Also, people wishing to apply for a UK passport must meet English language requirements, as this is a crucial step.

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