Binance Adds Turkish Lira, Other Australian Dollar to New Trading Pairs

Popular Cryptocurrency Exchange, Binance, at added seven new trading pairs to its already extensive list. The new pairs are ALICE / BNB, ETH/ UST, LRC/ BNB, GALA/EUR, OOKI / BNB, A/ ETH, and ATOM/TO TRY. Two of these new trading pairs contain fiat currencies.

Binance adds 7 new trading pairs

With over 500 crypto trading pairs on its platform, Binance is one of the few exchanges with a long list of trading pairs. These new additions will only give more options to users of the platform.

While some of the tokens for new trading pairs are well known, others are quite new. GALA, the token of the Gala gaming ecosystem, was one of the top performing cryptocurrencies last year with an increase in value of over 26,000%. It is therefore not surprising that Binance is adding more fiat pairs.

On the other hand, OOKI, Ooki’s native and governance protocol, is a new coin. Having just been listed on Binance in December, the new trading pairs appear to be the next step. The Ooki protocol is a decentralized protocol for Challenge and Dapps.

Another new token is Alice, released in May 2021 for the multiplayer construction game, My Neighbor Alice. Players can purchase and develop in-game lots while interacting with their neighbors and performing activities.

Launched at the height of the market, the price hit an ATH of $ 42.55, but is currently trading below $ 12.

Binance also added two fiat currencies to trading pairs with the Australian dollar (AUD) and Turkish lira (TRY). Both of these options mean Binance will see more fiat to crypto purchases for GALA and ATOM.

BNB loses 5% in 24 hours

With the addition of these new trading pairs, Binance once again shows why it is the world’s leading crypto exchange. Despite his various clashes with the authorities, the stock market has been able to maintain its lead over its competitors.

But the same cannot be said for BNB, its native token. After almost hitting a new ATH in November, the value fell significantly along with the rest of the market. In the past 30 days, it has lost about 21% of its value.

Given more recent trends, its situation is unlikely to change anytime soon. BNB suffered a 1.3% drop in 24 hours and is currently trading at $ 447.

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