Albaraka Türk Katilim Bankasi: No more transporting cash in real estate purchase and sale transactions!


DECEMBER 28, 2021

Albaraka Türk offers great convenience in buying and selling real estate

transactions with its “Deed Trusted Account” application.

More cash in real estate

Buy and Sell Transactions!

Albaraka Türk launched the “Deed Trusted Account” application to its clients in cooperation with the General Directorate of Cadastre and Cadastre.

With this app there is no need to carry cash in real estate purchases and sales and possible fraud attempts are avoided.

Carrying out its activities with the vision of being the best investment bank in the world, Albaraka Türk makes life easier for its clients by ensuring that real estate purchase and sale transactions are carried out quickly and securely with the app. “Deed Trusted Account”.

This system prevents the risk of fraud and eliminates the problem of trust between the buyer and the seller by allowing the simultaneous exchange of the deed and the cash, which is the sale price.

How does the system work?

The information entered by the buyer and the seller is compared by querying the land registration system and the real estate value is transferred to the trust account. The title deed and the sale price change hands simultaneously with the finalization of the transfer process to the land registry office; while title to the property is transferred to the buyer, the money, which is the cost, is transferred to the seller’s account. The whole process can be monitored via the Internet branch Albaraka Türk.

“We make our customers’ lives easier by eliminating the risk of carrying cash.”

Yasemin Aydın, Director of Digital Channels at Albaraka Türk, said that they are working hard to provide innovative solutions to their customers in the digital realm, and said that the “Deed Trusted Account” app can be used for titles ownership throughout Turkey. She said: “This system eliminates the risk of transporting money and the trust issues between those who make buying and selling real estate quickly, easily and securely.” Stating that those who are not clients of Albaraka Türk can also become clients and complete their transactions in minutes with video calls without the need to go to a branch, Aydın stressed that this system is also an important step in digitization. payments, and that they will continue to offer different solutions in line with the needs and expectations of customers.

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