Albaraka Türk Katilim Bankasi: 13.01.2022 Currency protected TL participation account via digital channels in Albaraka!

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January 13, 2022


Turkey’s first participation bank, Albaraka Türk, offers its customers the opportunity to open a “currency-protected TRY participation account” through digital channels. Bank customers will continue to receive dividends by opening a “currency-protected TRY participating account,” while protecting their income against rising gold and foreign currency exchange rates.

Pursuing its goal to be the best participation bank in the world and to make life easier for its customers with the products and applications it has implemented in this direction, Albaraka Türk has taken a step further and offered its customers the opportunity to open a ‘Currency TRY Participate Account protected through digital channels. With the Albaraka Currency Protected TRY Participating Account, bank clients will continue to receive dividends for their Turkish lira savings, while protecting their returns against rising gold and currency exchange rates.

Regarding the issue, Mehmet Fatih Yorulmaz, Deputy General Manager of Albaraka Türk said that:

“As Albaraka Türk, we continue to support our customers with the support we provide for the product “TRY Currency Protected Participating Account”. With this product, our customers will be able to protect their savings against possible increases in l gold and foreign currencies, while continuing to invest in their participating accounts and receive a share of the profits. , those who are not yet from Albaraka can join the Albaraka family via video call from anywhere.”

Albaraka Türk, with its new Currency Protected TRY Participate Account, offers its customers the opportunity to avoid grievances that may arise regarding fluctuations in gold and exchange rates, while customers will be able to open the relevant account in 3 , 6 and 12- monthly installments via digital channels without going through a branch to benefit from this service. In accordance with the principles of Participation Banking, only domestic customers will be able to benefit from the product, the rate of return of which is determined at the end of the term. At the end of the term, the withholding tax rate to be applied specifically to the product will be zero (0), the lower account opening limit will be 250 TRY and all payments related to the account will be made in TRY .

Those who wish to benefit from the product can open the corresponding account through Albaraka Türk digital channels or log in and apply from the link below.


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