4 in region indicted federally in COVID fraud cases

Patel previously told the outlet that pursuing cases in which suspects defrauded taxpayer-funded coronavirus relief programs for personal gain would be a top priority.

The other three accused are:

Melissa McGhee, 37, of Cincinnati, was arrested Monday night by Sycamore Twp. police. McGhee, also known as Melissa Batton, is accused of lying about a Federal Housing Authority loan for a new home. Through this investigation, officers discovered that McGhee had allegedly applied for seven different pandemic relief loans and received three. Court documents reveal that McGhee used the trade names M&MM Realty Group and M&M Realty Group to submit the fraudulent claims. She received $ 186,000 in relief funds, which she used in part to buy real estate, according to the Justice Department.

McGhee is charged with bank fraud, major disaster or emergency benefit fraud, wire fraud, and misrepresentation and misrepresentation in connection with credit or loan applications.

Kelli Prather, 48, of Cincinnati, appeared Tuesday afternoon in federal court in Cincinnati. According to court documents, Prather requested six loans from the Paycheck Protection Program as part of the CARES Act pandemic relief. She claimed to own six businesses – Enhanced Healthcare Solutions, Improved Life Skills, Prather Property Management, Reliable Ambulet Services, Rich Glo Management Services, and Tots R Us.

It is alleged that a bank discovered errors in Prather’s loan applications and also indicated that there were six different pending applications. Prather sought more than $ 600,000 in compensation for the fraud and fraudulently received approximately $ 19,800, according to the criminal complaint.

Prather, who was previously mayor of Cincinnati, is charged with bank fraud, aggravated identity theft, misrepresentation, misrepresentation in connection with credit or loan applications and misrepresenting a social security number .

Toni Wright, 34, of Cincinnati, reportedly received $ 349,000 in fraudulent PPP relief loans. Court documents say she made false claims as the owner of alleged hair and manicure businesses Poshedbar, Beautiful Beginnings Doula Service and Jerry’s Electronics. Wright allegedly used the same employer identification number for more than one of the alleged businesses and residential addresses listed as business locations.

She submitted numerous requests despite her initial refusal, Wright used PPP funds for personal purchases, such as food through Door Dash, at retail stores such as Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Kay Jewelers and activities vacation rentals such as King’s Island, Luxury Rentals Miami and American. Airlines companies. She also spent more than $ 10,000 in relief funds at Sono Bello, a facility that promotes laser liposuction and body contouring, according to the criminal complaint.

Wright is charged with bank fraud, major disaster or emergency benefit fraud, electronic fraud, misrepresentation, misrepresentation in connection with credit or loan applications and misrepresentation of ‘a social security number.

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